Farm contains the observations of Dr. Glen A. Halva-Neubauer, Dana Professor of Political Science at Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina, and those of his students who spend the month of May in Iowa investigating agriculture practices, policies, and politics. Halva-Neubauer grew up on a farm near Radcliffe, Iowa, a farming hamlet in Southwestern Hardin County.  During their time in Iowa, the students live in the farm house on Neubauer Family Farms, the same farm house where HN grew up with his siblings, Nancy Roberts and Denny Neubauer, and Scott Neubauer (HN’s nephew) currently resides.  Denny serves as the associate director and Scott the assistant director of the program, which exposes students to a wide variety of perspectives in production and sustainable agriculture.  The primary goal of the course is for students to leave with a greater sophistication about US food systems and the contentious politics surrounding agricultural policy in contemporary American politics.  The blogs contained within both serve as a guide to our time in Iowa and our take on a host of issues regarding US food policy.